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  • Q: My payment says ACCESS EXPIRED. What can I do?

    A: To view the payment, sign in to your AR-Exchange account, where payment views never expire. If you don’t have an AR-Exchange account, you can create a free account by clicking the orange SIGN UP button from the ACCESS EXPIRED page.

    If the SIGN UP button is not available, the remittance must be resent. To resend it, contact the representative listed on your email remittance.

    Q: What is my PIN?

    A: Your PIN is provided by the customer who is paying you. A customer may choose to PIN-protect payments for additional security. If you don’t know your PIN, please contact the representative listed on your email remittance.

    Q: What is my password?

    A: Your password is used to access your AR-Exchange account. You create your own password during account creation.

    An AR-Exchange account provides you full access to AR-Exchange, a free website application designed to help you track, manage, and reconcile all your payments across all your customers that use AR-Exchange.

    To create a free AR-Exchange account, click the “Account Billing Information” link in your email remittance, enter your PIN if prompted, and click the orange SIGN UP button at the top of the payment view.

    Q: How do I update the email address remittances are sent to?

    A: To update the email address(es) your remit is sent to, contact the representative listed on your email remittance.

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  • For help accessing a payment or for questions about a specific invoice or remittance, refer to your email remittance’s contact options.

  • For help using this website, contact 844-826-3262 or

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